This year’s show will look to provide a similar feel to last year in terms of the relaxed, yet upbeat atmosphere with plenty to do, but maintaining the primary goal of having visitors get chance to visit their favourite exhibitors and try their products. Although we all love the extra frills that accompany a vape event the real highlight of any show is finding that perfect flavour, or mod to suit your style!


Our “FREE STARTER KITS FOR SMOKERS” went down a treat last year! With over 170 starter kits given out over the weekend, and more importantly 170 packs of cigarettes surrendered and binned. We’d like to again thank Vape Mob Distribution for supplying an Aspire PockeX + 40ml of e-liquid for each smoker that stopped at the VAPEFINDR booth to ditch the cigs with us and start their journey into vaping.

We were really excited to play our part in providing a warm welcome introduction to e-cigarettes for smokers visiting LVS hoping to give up smoking. We had some great feedback from those who received starter packs – Some choosing to stop by at the end of the weekend claiming they hadn’t touched a cigarette since the Friday, Some claiming after receiving their free kits went on to spend money on additional e-liquids and accessories to get all setup in their new cigarette free lifestyle!



  • AUG 25th
    Day 1
  • AUG 26th
    Day 2
b2b strawberry queen
10:00 - 12:00 B2B Morning
B2B Morning

B2B Will be open from 10:00-12:00

main stage giveaways
12:00-18:00 Visitor Entry
Visitor Entry

Visitor Entry will be from 12:00-18:00

13:00 NNA Advocacy Talk with SoulOhm Reviews
NNA Talk

Join Mark Crew (SoulOhm Reviews) speaking about the NNA New Nicotine Alliance and their efforts to support our industry

b2b strawberry queen
10:00 - 12:00 B2B Morning
B2B Morning

B2B will be open from 09:00-12:00

main stage giveaways
12:00-18:00 Visitor Entry
Visitor Entry

Visitor Entry will be from 12:00-18:00


Just as last year, we will be emailing all of our UK vape shops/trade contacts inviting them to sign-up for their Free tickets to attend the show.

INVITES: Should you have clients you’d like to arrange to meet at the show please direct them to our www.londonvapeshow.com website and navigate to the free b2b tickets link.

HOURS: This year B2B hours will also follow suit to last years model, allowing a B2B only entrance for the first two hours of each day (10-12:00) to allow for trade to be conducted before general public are admitted. There will be a limited amount of

VIP visitors at these times allowed entry but will be clearly defined

on their entry badge.

ATMOSPHERE: We were commended on the atomsphere we provided at last years B2B hours in our relaxed, quiet environment with music at a respectable, low level in order for all of our exhibitors to grow into the day and discuss business without having to battle with the DJ’s at the main stage.


This year’s show will have a main stage area that will be the platform for our big screen social media board. The screen will show the latest social media posts from visitors and exhibitors using the hashtag #londonvapeshow or #vapefindr. This is also a great opportunity for visitors to share their favourite pics from the show and win a VAPEFINDR t-shirt if their post is selected as one of our favourites! 

We will also be encouraging exhibitors to post their special show offers on the big screen so don’t forget to check often for their great deals on the day!


The DJ’s for this years show are TBC closer to the event but we will have a team of DJ’s on hand to play throughout the two days of the event and keep the visitors in good spirit. As we have explained the DJ’s will be monitored throughout the weekend and told to keep to a healthy volume that does not encroach on your stands ability to hear your customers and conduct business. During B2B hours especially we will keep the music to a minimum, at a level that is much easier to start our day with!


We will also be including other features to the show including an extended section to the main hall to provide catering and general refreshments. There will again be a featured artist who will be performing live art throughout the event and is always interested in ideas from our exhibitors, A barber and tattooist will also be present to add an extra in house service visitors can take advantage of whilst attending the event. More features may be added over the summer including a main stage trick booth to draw attention from the audience. More details TBC!


We all knew how to light a cigarette, but being a new vaper it can feel like you’re stepping into a whole new world of information to help you in purchasing the right products for you. That’s why we’ve teamed up with some of our favourite Vape Product Reviewers and invited them to the show to be on hand for all of your questions. From brand new beginner Advice to intermediates wanting to upgrade the Reviewers we’ve invited are there for you and love nothing more than helping other vapers find the right setup for them!



We’ll be inviting some of our favourite reviewers from across the UK to attend our Reviewers booth. With reviewers such as L-V-C Live Vape & Chill, Empire Vape Co, The Devil Vaper, Spit in your Drippers team and more! Exhibitors can be assured in the credentials of the reviewers we invite and the General Public will be welcomed with any questions they need answering on purchasing products and general vaping tips including upgrading, safety, and health.

Imagine an exhibition venue inspiring engagement and enjoyment against a backdrop of grand Victorian architecture set amidst the culture and history of central London during a glorious English summer. And just 40 minutes from Heathrow a visit to Olympia is a visit to the heart of London where you can discover the best shopping, clubs, parks, museums and attractions in the world

The Vape Findr London Vape Show Olympia offers space for more than 100 exhibitors and 10,000 visitors
There are over 30 hotels which are rated 4 or 5 star within walking distance
On-site Parking and easy access via bus and tube