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When we first decided to do host a London Vape Show, we knew that the West End of London was a desirable location. We made arrangements to book the beautiful Olympia venue in Hammersmith, London and made our preparations for the show. However we hadn’t forgotten about our vapers from a little further afield!

One of the ways we wanted to give back to the vaping community was to endeavor to provide some free coaches for vapers that might be either tight on travel budgets, or who might not be able to book a hotel in the area.

Right now we are Offering a free coach from 2-4 locations (potentially Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Cardiff) for vapers who are interested in this. We will be setting up a preliminary registration page where you can choose which location would be most convenient to you, and what day you would be wanting to travel (Fri 11th, Sat 12th, or Sun 13th). Once we have enough registered vapers in your area we will confirm the coach travel so if you have friends who have got their tickets and would like to take the opportunity of a free lift then spread the word!

Please note that you must have obtained a ticket to London Vape Show in order to enter the venue. Coaches will have a set morning and evening departure time that must be adhered to to avoid delays. The coaches will endeavor to arrive in time for the start of our visitor entry times and leave promptly following the closing time of each day!


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