WHAT WE’RE ALL ABOUT: The Number one vape app! Our vape store map allows users to Find a Vape Store Near You wherever you are, in the UK, USA and mainland Europe, Finding directions and contact details and also special VapeFindr discounts & special offers at participating locations!

WHY WE’RE GREAT? We’ve made it as simple as possible to check out a new store, meet some new friends, and spread the love we all share for vaping! There’s other Vape apps out there that let you search for a location, coil calculator apps, vape shop apps, and Apps to keep up to date on news…..What makes us great is that VAPE FINDR has all thse features in one app!

Our Story

VAPEFINDR was started back in 2015 When Tommy and John were running an app making business. Tommy had started vaping and was sick of his local vape shop and wanted to find out more about other vape shops near him. An idea was born when the pair decided that they could gather a database of stores to feature in an app, eventually adding other features such as the coil calculator, event schedules, online offers and more.

After 3 years in the Industry the team have travelled all across the UK, Europe, the USA, and asia to many tradeshows and decided they would look to provide another great event to the UK vapescene and another reason for vapers across the country to meet up and share their love for vaping!





Kim is our Event Manager at this year’s event. She’s been part of our team for over a year and is a great asset to our team! Many of you who have met Kim at last year’s event know she is the one to talk to about our Cloud & Trick comps and organizing the Awards and Giveaways!



John is one of the directors of VAPEFINDR and also the primary Event Manager at the Event. John’s tireless work last year helped put together a great event for all involved! This year, John’s primary goal is to make this year’s event even better!



Tommy is a director of VAPEFINDR and is the main contact for everything related to the App and promotion of the show. Tommy will again be doing a tour of London as part of our promotional shop tour visiting vapers and shop owners to hand out some free tickets and spread awareness of the show.



Abiee is the head of our design department at VAPEFINDR and will be taking care of artwork from exhibitors, organizing our show guide, and letting you all know what’s going on at this year’s show via our social media channels!